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The Hoodie and Its Legacy

On Sunday 31 May 2020, Lou Stoppard, curator of The Hoodie exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Cye Wong Loi-Sing of Brand New Guys, and Malique Mohamud of Concrete Blossom talk to fashion researcher Chinouk Filique de Miranda and Timothy Sabajo of Patta streetwear store and brand. Together, they will consider the hoodie’s legacy. They will discuss its rich history; how it entered haute couture via sportswear, workwear, and various subcultures thanks to the efforts of unique artists and designers; and why its meaning is expanding every day.

‘Hip-hop originated from crisis. In the spirit of the times, we have embraced the opportunities embedded in current challenges and bless the airwaves with an online televised saga. To put The Hoodie’s legacy into the here and now, Concrete Blossom and Brand New Guys present a three-part saga.’

A limited number of interested parties from Rotterdam will then have the opportunity to screenprint on their own hoodies in a hang-out – with appropriate social-distancing measures – at Middellandplein. At the beginning of a gradual return to the city, The Hoodie can, at last, physically return to the Hood.

• 12:00–12:30. Doors open, with a slideshow of distinctive hoodie images, accompanied by a playlist selected by DJ Mo Jakob
• 12:30–14:00. ‘The Hoodie and its Legacy’, a virtual roundtable discussion, in English and Dutch, conducted live from ‘the Hood’ in London, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, which can be followed via Het Nieuwe Instituut Online.
• 14:00–17:00: Bring You Own Merch (BYOM), screenprinting hang-out at Middellandplein, Rotterdam. Music by DJ Kofi P. The Unknown

Husslin’ 101

On Monday 1 June, host YouthDem Quinten ‘Quinna’ Tilburg will host a conversation in a virtual hang-out with streetwear and counterculture experts Jordan Soediono (co-founder and designer SUMIBU), Abderrahmane Trabsini (co-founder and creative director of Daily Paper), and Richard Lopes Mendes (co-founder of Clan de Banlieue). How did they start their successful brands, how does their entrepreneurship compare to that of successful hip-hop and streetwear entrepreneurs from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and – more importantly – what do they see as the future for this sector?

• 19:00–19:30. Doors open, with a slideshow of distinctive hoodie images, accompanied by a playlist selected by DJ Mo Jakob
• 19:30–21:00. Quinten Tilburg and friends live from a virtual hang-out: Husslin’ 101

Quinna was one of the young people featured in the video series The Hoodie Unravelled [QUARANTINED] in which he shares his vision of fashion’s future.

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12:00 – 17:00
19:00 – 21:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online and Middellandplein in Rotterdam


Free of charge

The Hoodie, The Hoodie Unravelled, The Hoodie – Living Apart Together in quarantine: what was it again about the Hoodie?

In its summary of the run-up to this closing event, Concrete Blossom’s Public Service Announcement states: ‘We unravel the hoodie in the here and now by asking: how, from where, and by whom is the hoodie’s cool created? Three young makers, aka the YouthDem, addressed this question. The goal was and is to create more awareness, in the Culture, about the relationship between place and culture. After all, the Hoodie comes from the street, which is where the real real flyness that “luxury” fashion houses and museums are laying claim to comes from. In December 2019, in the former legendary Chic barbershop on Rotterdam’s Middellandstraat, we started THU with a master class. There, we spoke to Abderrahmane Trabsini about grassroots mentality and the fashion label Daily Paper’s stormy rise to fame. A month later, Sheray of Light (YouthDem) opened her first solo exhibition, giving a glimpse into her world as a young Rotterdam maker. And just as we were getting ready for the second event, featuring Quinten Tilburg (YouthDem), the world was shook by the outbreak of COVID-19. Endless queues at the coffee shop, Little Richard gone, everything on hold. Shiiiiiit! We persevered, physically distanced at one and a half metres, and shot the shorts The Hoodie – Living Apart Together with young Rotterdammers and talked to them about social distancing and their dreams for the future.’

Concrete Blossom

Concrete Blossom is a self-proclaimed Swiss army knife and Rotterdam-based design and media collective. As a design studio, publisher, and cultural platform, they traverse the urban terrain with an analytical, creative, and design-centric mindset, constantly ‘questioning how to make shit doper’. Concrete Blossom’s projects interrogate contemporary metropolitanism’s meaning through the interactions of hip-hop, diasporic cultures, street culture, and the digital domain. In dialogue with like-minded parties, ranging from other grassroots initiatives to established institutions, Concrete Blossom strives for a multifaceted and inclusive cultural offering in Rotterdam and worldwide. In autumn 2019, Concrete Blossom announced a long-term collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut to build a cultural system that better moves with the rhythms and dynamics of the city and its inhabitants. To begin this collaboration, Concrete Blossom is ‘disrupting’ the institute via the programming for The Hoodie and G/D THYSELF.