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The exhibition features contributions from: Aitor Throup, Angelica Falkeling, Bogomir Doringer, Campbell Addy, Champion Archive, C.P. Company, Craig Green, Daniëlle van Ark, Dana Lixenberg, David Casavant, David Hammons, Devan Shimoyama, Dior, Ari Versluis en Ellie Uyttenbroek, Gucci, Hank Willis Thomas, IGNAZ, John Edmonds, Lisette Appeldorn, Lucy Orta, Off-White, Prem Sahib, Project KOVR, Puma, Rick Owens, Sasha Huber, Shirley Baker, SOUVENIR OFFICIAL, Thorsten Brinkmann, Tiane Doan Na Champassak, VETEMENTS, Vexed Generation, Wouter Paijmans and many more.

One of the highlights of this special evening programme is a series of talks with Lou Stoppard and Malique Mohamud of Concrete Blossom, the Rotterdam collective that is organising an accompanying programme throughout the city. We'll be showing 'hoodie films' and there's a space for reflection where you can contemplate some of the issues dealt with in the exhibition. 

The Poetic Exhibition

Later in the evening, be inspired by The Poetic Exhibition, which storyteller Melanin Kris has put together specially for this occasion. The guest performers invited to interpret the exhibition and share their feelings about the hoodie include the poet Brooklyn Mozes, dancer Chanel Vyent, performer Josimar Gomes, violinist Shauntell Baumgard, pianist Almar Nooitmeer and drummer Timothy Bennet.

Music by DJs Evelyn Rae and P4BASICS


  • 17:30 – 18:30     Intro by Lou Stoppard & Malique Mohamud – Auditorium
  • 18:30                  Buffet by Green Delight – Deck
  • 19:30 – 21:30     Guided Tours The Hoodie
  • 19:30 – 23:00     Reflection Room with Nevill Mitchell Martins – Room 1
  • 21:00 – 23:00     The Poetic Exhibition by Melanin Kris – Het Nieuwe Café
  • 23:00 – 02:00     The Hoodie Afterparty with DJ’s Evelyn Rae & P4Basics – Het Nieuwe Café 

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Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


RSVP via ticket link 

Melanin Kris

Melanin Kris is a Rotterdam based multidisciplinary storyteller, better known as the 'spoken and visual thought' artist. He believes people are conscious co-creators of reality and therefore architects of the future. He aspires to inspire people to be aware of modern-day superpowers.

Melanin Futurism is the self-coined denominator in which he curates poetry about modern-day dilemmas of colorful people, the culture, and the way in which aesthetics serve as a 21st century imagining of unspoken thoughts, which are expressed through fashion, magical realism, media-art, and philosophies intercrossing western cosmologies.

Brooklyn Mozes

Rotterdam based poet, Brooklyn Mozes was born in Brooklyn and raised in the concrete jungle of New York City. Through the ups and downs of life, she found her own voice and became a voice for many women. Experiences shaped her view on life, she writes raw, pure and honest. Through spokenword she demonstrates her versatility and strength.

Timothy Bennet

Timothy Bennet is a drummer and producer based in Rotterdam. Music has always been an important part of his life. As a musician he grew up playing drums in church deeply motivated by his family. His style is shaped by a fine blend of soulful genres, funk-rock, blended with jazz, hip hop, and r&b. His originality allows him to create fresh signature productions.

Jean Pierre Nshimyumuremyi

Jean Pierre Nshimyumuremyi is a Rotterdam based actor with Rwandan roots. As a second year student at Toneel Vakschool Rotterdam, he has featured in various television series like Spangas,  and played in the show Don Carlos, with city company Mooi Weer & Zo. Within the poetic exhibition, he crystallises his performance skills as a budding young actor.

Chanel Vyent

Chanel Vyent is a dancer based in Rotterdam. Motion is poetry, she uses dance as an instrument to researches the distinctive physicality's in the body as an element to express herself. Her environment sets the scene, and humbleness keeps her open to new influences.

Josimar Gomes

Josimar Gomes is a versatile artist incorporating touches of soul, jazz and rnb into his own repertoire. His influences come from several personal experiences and observations. In every song, he aims to create in-depth perspectives of how he perceives his environment, his growth & social issues. Having his voice heard and getting listeners involved in his story to gain a different perspective on life is his ultimate goal.

Shauntell Baumgard

Violinist Shauntell Baumgard is an artist who plays from the deepest part of her heart. Voiced by her violin one could read her to be romantic with a flavour of spice, sweetened intelligence and a storyteller aiming to touch and awaken others. Within the poetic exhibition she will experiment by contributing a classic poetic touch complementing poetry.

Almar Nooitmeer | Abe Oberg

Raised with many musical 'friends' who currently dominate the Dutch music scene, so too was pianist/producer Almar Nooitmeer, who ended up in 2006 with Sabrina Starke. After winning various prizes, including a trip to New York to perform at the prestigious 'Apollo Theater', his musical career took great leaps.  After a break/sabbatical of many performances, he is currently producing music under the name or his alter ego; "Abe Oberg".  With a wide range of genres, Abe Oberg draws his inspiration from hip hop, jazz, gospel, pop, classical, world music, EDM, singer/songwriter and film music. He prefers to call himself a 'music lover’.