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Asha is an all-rounder who loves to learn and do new things. As a chef, her passions are cooking and food. Next to these, her favourite things are people dancing offbeat, and her family.


​“If you’re an enthusiast, familiar with a subject and good at communicating it, then you’re a good tour guide.”



14:00 – 15:00
Dutch and/or English



The Hoodie

Most of us own one. The hoodie is everywhere: from the street to the sidelines of every sports field, and from the catwalk to the office and the studio. For some of us, the hoodie is just a casual, comfortable thing to wear, but for others it comes with all kinds of unavoidable social and cultural baggage. You might even say that it’s the last political garment in Western fashion. In the exhibition The Hoodie, the hoodie as ‘storyteller’ is central, as the bearer of a wide range of different meanings.