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In the Hood

Anwaun Sargent

“The arrival of the hoodie in contemporary art is a reflection of the ways the garment thrown over the head of a Black male is a political event as much as it is a sartorial one.”

The Politics of the Hoodie

Troy Patterson

"The lingering question of the hoodie is simply: Who enjoys the right to wear one without challenge?" First published on 6 March 2016 in The New York Times Magazine.

The History of the Hoodie by Gary Warnett

The Hoodie curator Lou Stoppard introduces the SHOWstudio video featuring Gary Warnett on the hoodie.


HYMAG were asked to select a number of hoodies featured in fashion magazines, some of which will be on display in the exhibition.

Curator Lou Stoppard on The Hoodie

"As a garment, the hoodie defines our times."

Video Interview with Lou Stoppard

Conversation with curator Lou Stoppard, in which she explores some of the key themes of The Hoodie and talks about how the exhibition came about and what she hopes visitors will take away.

Video interview with Malique Mohamud

Conversation with Concrete Blossom’s Malique Mohamud on the social, cultural and political meaning of the hoodie, the exhibition The Hoodie, the on-site programme The Hoodie Unravelled and more: "How self-evident is it to be able to wear something? How self-evident is it to make something the subject of an exhibition? And is that self-evidence the same for different people?”